5 February, 1810 - 24 August, 1812

Spanish Battle Tour Guides

Spain's massive naval base at Cadiz became that country's seat of power when Madrid fell to the French.

Exceptionally strong and built on terrain almost designed for deterring attackers Cadiz was initially weakly defended, but quick work by the Duke of Albequerque saved it from being given away lightly.

The Duke sent an army of 10,000 men to bolster the garrison of 2000 and by the time British and Portuguese reinforcements arrived through the port, Cadiz was a formidable obstacle to France's plans to capture all of Spain.

Marshal Victor was given the job of besieging the fortress, but even with 60,000 troops at his disposal he was unable to make much progress.

In 1812, the siege was lifted when the French learned of the defeat at Salamanca and feared the army would be stranded, caught between Cadiz and approaching enemy armies.



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