20 October 1805

The Napoleonic Guide's Suggested Tours

Ulm was not really a battle, but rather a victory of manoeuvre for Napoleon Bonaparte.

By manouevring his forces around the 40,000 Austrians in the city of Ulm and cutting their supply lines he forced General Karl Mack into an untenable situation.

The Austrian general tried twice to break through the encircling French, at Haslach and Elchingen, but failed to do so.

With no Russian reinforcements nearby, Mack surrendered his 27,000 men.

A smaller force of cavalry, 13,000 men under Archduke Ferdinand had earlier split with the beseiged force but surrendered to Marshal Murat at Trochtelfingen while another 12,000 men did the same at Neustadt.

Austria was effectively out of the war.




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