James Gillray

British Satirist

Selection of Works

Initially an unsuccessful actor and artist, James Gillray found that by mixing his undoubted talent in drawing with savage political wit he could make his mark on the world.

His targets - leading British politicians and society figures - seemed to enjoy the poisoned satire and it soon became the "in" thing to be so attacked.

With the start of the French Revolution, Gillray changed his aim and backed Britain's stand against the French.

The national symbol - a never-say-die John Bull - became the defender of the world against revolutionary fervour.

But, perhaps the most savage of all attacks by Gillray were aimed at Napoleon Bonaparte who he often portrayed as a tiny figure full of hot air and overconfidence.

Despite all his success, however, years of heavy drinking eventually caught up with Gillray and led to his death in 1815.

Selection of Works

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