Austrian Infantry Facings

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Austrian regiments were known by the names of their commanders and these did change throughout the long wars. An asterisk denotes that a regiment had other names, which are listed below the facings colour chart. The short forms of Erz. (Erzherzog), B. (Baron) and G. (Graf) are used.

Regt Name Nation/Province Facings Buttons
No.1 Kaiser Franz Moravia dark red yellow
No.2* Erz. Ferdinand Hungary emperor
No.3 Erz. Carl Lower Austria light blue white
No.4 Hoch und Deutchmeister Lower Austria light blue yellow
No.5 na dark blue ** white
No.6   na black** white
No.7 B. Shroder Moravia dark blue** white
No.8* B. Huff Moravia poppy red** yellow
No.9* G. Clerfayt Walloon apple green yellow
No.10* B. Kheul Bohemia parrot green white
No.11* G. Michael Wallis Bohemia pink** white
No.12* Manfreddini Moravia dark brown yellow
No.13 Reisky Inner Austria grass green yellow
No.14* Oranien Upper Austria black yellow
No.15* G. D'Alton Bohemia madder red yellow
No.16* B. Terzi Styria violet** yellow
No.17* Wilhelm Hohenloe Bohemia light brown white
No.18* G. Stuart Bohemia dark red white
No.19* Alvinzty Hungary light blue white
No.20 Wenzel Kaunitz Silesia crab red white
No.21* B. Gemmingen Bohemia sea green yellow
No.22* G. Lacy Illyria emperor
No.23* Von Toscana Lower Austria poppy red white
No.24* B. Preiss Lower Austria dark blue white
No.25* G. Brechainville Bohemia sea green white
No.26* B. Wilhelm Shroder Carinthia parrot green yellow
No.27* G. Strassoldo Styria emperor
No.28* G. Wartensleben Bohemia grass green white
No.29* G. Oliver Wallis Moravia pale blue white
No.30 Prinz de Ligne Walloon pike grey yellow
No.31 Benjowsky Transylvania emperor
No.32* G. Sam Gyulai Hungary light blue yellow
No.33* G. Sztaray Hungary dark blue white
No.34* Anton Esterhazy Hungary madder red white
No.35* B. Wenkheim Bohemia crab red yellow
No.36* Furstenburg Bohemia mauve white
No.37* B. De Vin Hungary poppy red yellow
No.38* Von Wurrtemburg Walloon rose pink yellow
No.39* Thomas Nadasdy Hungary poppy red white
No.40* G. Joseph Mittrowsky Moravia crimson** white
No.41* B. Bender Galicia yellow white
No.42 G. Erbach Bohemia orange white
No.43* G. Thurn Carinthia yellow** yellow
No.44* G. Belgiojoso Italy madder red white
No.45* B. Latterman Lower Austria poppy red yellow
No.46* B. Neugebauer Tyrolia dark blue yellow
No.47* G. Fraz Kinsky Bohemia steel green white
No.48* B. Shmidtfeld Hungary steel green yellow
No.49* G. Pellegrini Lower Austria pike grey white
No.50 G. Stain Upper Austria violet white
No.51 B. Splenyi Transylvania dark blue yellow
No.52* Erz. Anton Victor Hungary dark red yellow
No.53 Johan Jellacic Slavonia dark red white
No.54* G. Callenberg Bohemia apple green white
No.55* G. Murray Walloon pale blue yellow
No.56 G. Wenzel Colloredo Moravia steel green yellow
No.57 G. Joseph Colloredo Bohemia mauve yellow
No.58 B. Beaulieu Walloon black white
No.59 Jordis Upper Austria orange yellow
No.60 Ignaz Gyulai Hungary steel green white
No.61 St Julien Hungary grass green yellow
No.62 Franz Jellacic Hungary grass green white
No.63* Erz. Joseph Franz Walloon light brown yellow
No.64 Chasteler na   yellow

Later Regimental Names

2* - Hiller 8* - Erz. Ludwig
9* - Czartoryski 10* - Anton Mittrowski/Reiski
11* - Erz. Rainer 12* - Alois Lichtenstein
14* - B. Klebek/Erz. Rudolf 15* - Zach
16* - Erz. Rudolf/Lusignan 17* - Reuss-Plauen
18* - D'Aspre/Reuss-Greitz 19* - Hessen-Homburg
21* - Rohan/Albert Gyulai 22* - Josias Coburg
23* - Wurzburg 24* - Carl Auersperg/B. Strauch
25* - J Spork/Zedtwitz/De Vaux 26* - Hohenloe-Bartenstein
27* - Chasteler 28* - B. Frelich
29* - Lindenau 32* - Esterhazy
33* - Colloredo 34* - Kray/Davidovich
35* - Erz. Max 36* - Kolowrat
37* - Auffenberg/Weidenfeld 39* - B. Duka
40* - Ferdinand von Wurrtemberg 41* - Saschen-Hilburghausen
43* - B. Simbschen 44* - Bellegarde
45* - De Vaux 46* - Chasteler
47* - Vogelsang 48* - Vukassovich
49* - B. Kerpen 52* - E. Franz Carl
54* - Froon 55* - Reuss-Greitz
63* - Baillet Latour/Bianchi

Later Colours

5** dark blue facings that later were changed to black.
6** black changed to dark brown.
7** dark blue changed to dark brown.

8 ** poppy red then grass green.
11** pink changed to dark blue.

16** violet then sulphur yellow.
40** carmine to pale blue.
43** sulphur yellow to carmine.





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