Frederick-Wilhelm III

King of Prussia

Napoleon BonaparteA semi-enlightened king, Frederick-Wilhelm promoted religious fairness and eased censorship in Prussia.

He joined the Third Coalition against Napoleon Bonaparte in 1805, but the Austro-Russian disaster at Austerlitz made him rethink his military stance.

In 1806 he provoked a war with France and after an appalling campaign, which led to the major defeats at Jena and Auerstadt, his country was divided up and became a vassal state of France.

Forced to contribute troops to the Grand Armee for its invasion of Russia, Frederick-Wilhelm changed sides in 1813 and became a member of the Sixth Coalition.

Unfortunately the move came too late for his late wife, the stunningly beautiful Queen Louise, to enjoy. She had died in 1810. Queen Louise had been a fervent opponent of Bonaparte, but despite her animosity was described by the French Emperor as "the only man in Prussia".

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