Capital: London
Population: 15.5 million
Government: Monarchy

Great Britain was the banker in the war against the French Revolution and then Napoleon Bonaparte.

Its wealth, through industrialisation and resources from its many colonies, gave it a healthy treasury with which to finance other armies to fight the French.

Apart from its wealth, Britain's strength lay in its formidable navy, which prevented any serious attempts to invade it. The smashing of a major French-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar by Admiral Horatio Nelson ended any dangers of a seaborne landing.

When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal and Spain and began the Peninsular War, it gave Britain the chance to pit its small field army against the troops that conquered Europe.

Made up of the dregs of society, the redcoat army was forged into the best fighting force in the world by the Duke of Wellington.

Having fought the entire war against France, Britain had the dubious honour of ensuring Bonaparte's final defeat on the field of Waterloo.


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