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Napoleon Bonaparte's BirthplaceAlmost 200 years ago British forces fought to save the farm of Hougoumont from falling into the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte's soldiers.

They included British Guards, Nassauers, Luneberg sharpshooters and Hanoverian troops.

It was at the battle of Waterloo and the strategic landmark at the western end of the battlefield was the key to the entire British position.

Against it was thrown the French II Corps of Honore Reille, who sent Napoleon's brother Prince Jerome and his division to take Hougoumont.

The fighting that erupted was to last for most of the day of battle and ended up drawing in more French troops than Napoleon had intended or could afford to waste.

At dusk more than 1500 British, German and Netherlands troops were casualties while the French lost about 5000 men.

Today there is a second battle to save the historic farm complex - this time from the ravages of the years and decay.

It is called Project Hougoumont and its aim is to raise funds to pay for badly needed remedial work on the farm buildings.

Project Hougoumont says on its website:

"Any visitor to the battlefield of Waterloo and the farm of Hougoumont can not help but be immediately struck by the parlous state of Hougoumont farm.

"There is a clear and desperate need for the restoration and enduring preservation of this unique and historic site.

"It is usually the gaping and ever expanding breach in the South Wall, or the bulging wall of the Great Barn that first attracts the eye.

"It is not long before even the most casual observer understands that Hougoumont has been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair and that in places it is fast approaching the point of no return.

"Conceived in early 2007, Project Hougoumont seeks to halt the decay of Hougoumont Farm and in co–operation with the Belgian authorities work toward its restoration and enduring preservation.

"Project Hougoumont aims to work in partnership with all interested parties to actively raise the funds so urgently needed to finance extensive restoration works.

"It is our aim to have these works completed in time for the 200th anniversary of the battle in 2015. We are committed to the sympathetic and accurate restoration of this historic site for future generations of visitors from all over the world."

We at The Napoleonic Guide wish Project Hougoumont every success and hope a good percentage of our 180,000 readers a month will back this effort to save a key part of military history.

- Richard Moore


Pictures: © 2007–8 Frank Toogood.




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