Alexander Suvarov

Russian General
1729 -1800

Quotes of Alexander Suvarov

Alexander SuvarovOne of the great commanders of Russia's armies, Alexander Suvarov's military experience went back to the Seven Years' War (1756-1763).

By 1763, he was a brigadier-general and when Russia next took the field - in the Polish wars of 1768-1772 - he became a major-general.

Following the cessation of hostilities against the Poles, Suvarov was switched against his country's old enemy, Turkey, as the pair battled for the Balkans. Suvarov won two major battles, at Orsova and Kosludscki, and was asked by his ruler, Catherine the Great, to end an internal revolt.

Between 1786 and 1795 he again put his sword to the Turks at Ochakov, Chocim and Jassy, gaining little credit outside Russia for slaughtering the Turks living in the three cities. He again defeated the Turkish armies at Focsani and Rimnik.

Whether it be against Turks, or rebellious citizens of the Russian empire, Suvarov was uncompromising and brutal in dealing with them.

Launched against Revolutionary France by the new Tsar Paul I and the Second Coalition, the elderly Suvarov showed his military ability against armies at Cassano, Trebbia and Novi.

Unfortunately, for the coalition, Suvarov's deputies were not up to the task and the defeat of General Korsakov at Zurich (2nd) forced Suvarov to abandon his positions and retreat into Austria.

The great Russian leader unfairly received much of the blame for the failed campaign and died not long after.

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