Gregorio de la Cuesta

Spanish General
1740 - 1812

Don Gregorio Garcia de la Cuesta may have been one of Spain's most high-profile soldiers at the outbreak of war with France, but he was also one of the most unpopular with his British allies.

Old, sick and obstinate, Cuesta proved more of a hinderance to the British than a help.

He was violent, stubborn, wilful and, when he was not letting General Arthur Wellesley down in the field, he was denying supplies to him.

His performances on the field were poor, with no seeming appreciation for strategy or tactics, and at Talavera his inaction forced the British to fight alone and earned him their wrath.

He was described by one as being obstinate, surly and old. "So violent and obstinate that everbody feared him ... but his enemies."

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