The Battle of Trafalgar

By Richard Moore

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The Battle of Trafalgar

Take to the High Seas and refight the battle that decided history


It's 200 years since thousands of courageous sailors of many countries met on the high seas off the coast of Spain near Trafalgar.

On that day the fleets that engaged in one of the most famous and decisive sea battles in history were from Britain, France and Spain but the sailors were from all over the world including Americans and West Indians and even the odd Frenchman on the British side.

Those brave men were involved in a struggle that had gone on for several years and would go on for another decade before Napoleon gave up his ambitions for the conquest of Europe and beyond.

Now you can re-live some of the excitement and action of that famous battle. You can almost feel the power of the wind in your sails, the sound of the sea rushing past the wooden ship's hull as it ploughs through the water, like an arrow, straight for the enemy fleet.

Imagine the sound of the cannons firing broad side after broadside as the ships come within range of each other. Imagine the smell of the sea air mixed with the reek of tar and burnt gunpowder and hear the noises of the gun captains shouting their orders to the crews.

In celebration of the sailors of that day, long ago in a far off age Port and Starboard brings brought you the game of the battle in which you are able to command your own fleet of Ships of The Line and sail out to engage the enemy fleet.

You, the Admiral, can develop your own strategies and ship's formations to seek out and destroy the enemy. But beware, you must keep a clear head and maintain discipline because your foe is as determined and as clever as you are. He has just as many ships in this game and the outcome will be in doubt until the very last throw of the dice.

Step into history with this new and exciting game for family and friends from 8 to 80. A game to play and enjoy. Can you change the course of history?

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