Cossacks 2:
The Napoleonic Wars

By Richard Moore

Cossacks 2: The Napoleonic Wars is coming...


Austerlitz: The Rise of the Eagle - the premier play-by-email Napoleonic wargame


If you liked Cossacks: European Wars then hang on to your marshals' batons because CDV Software has turned its innovative eye to the Napoleonic Era.

Yes, the company is going to be unleashing Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars in the not-too-distant future and by the look of early screenshots the designers have kept up with their beautiful-graphics pedigree and will be offering us another gorgeous computer wargame.

Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars focuses on the military and political events that shook Europe in the 19th century.

The main powers in the game will be the historical ones - France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia - and Egypt as well.

Each side can be controlled and their cities and armies have their own styles.

One of the key gameplay parts of the game will be the importance of using realistic Napoleonic formations - hooray for that - and the battles will feature up to 64,000 units on the map.

Players can zoom in and out of the action and the developers reckon that Cossacks II will become "the most spectacular game based on Napoleonic Epoch". A big call perhaps, but one that I hope they can bring off!

They say the mechanics of play will be easy for newcomers to get a grasp on but the depth of play allows hardcore gamers to gain advantage through strategic or tactical mastery.

Players will be able to command a huge variety of troops and combat formations and will be able to order those important things like rear and flank attacks, or cavalry charges.

Units gain experience throughout the game so if you are careful with them and don't throw them away you could end up with a fearsome force. The developers say there is a new way of controlling the armies through the commander-in-chief and terrain will play a far bigger role than before.

As the would-be conqueror you have to pay for your forces through having successful cities, which have automatic economies, and regions in order to build trade and the economy.

A nice touch will be the ability to starve your opponent of resources by setting up an economic blockade through martial force. This should engender a more realistic Napoleonic strategy of forcing battle.

In single-player mode the game covers the main Napoleonic wars campaigns, and multiplayer adds European Conquest and Deathmatch to the list.

That's all for now, but we'll be getting a review up as soon as we can get our hands on the game!

With Cossack II: Napoleonic Wars you get:

  • Historical real-time strategy game on a new 3D engine
  • True color 3D landscape with immense tactical possibilities
  • Support of the latest video boards generation, pixel and vertex shaders
  • European war conflicts of the 19th century, Napoleonic Wars in particular
  • Battles in real historical scope of up to 64 000 units on the map at once
  • 6 European nations France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Egypt
  • Over 150 unique units and 180 types of buildings
  • Over 1000 pieces of flora and fauna
  • True-to-history campaigns with historical personalities as army commanders
  • Economy and army control brought to a new level
  • Military commander simulation
  • Simulated historical battles in single and multiplayer vs AI
  • Extended formations and tactical orders
  • Realistic morale and fatigue factors
  • Extensive diplomacy system
  • 3D physics engine guaranteeing realistic flight paths for all kinds of projectiles
  • Multiplayer game via LAN or Internet: Deathmatch, Historical Battle and European Conquest modes.

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