Wooden Ships and Iron Men

By Richard Moore

Old Salts take note, there is a wargame out that gives you the chance to captain a sailing ship during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Wooden Ships and Iron Men gives you a choice of British, French or American sailing ships with which to attack an assortment of enemy warships.

Gameplay is easy and even people who have difficulty steering a car will soon get the hang of using the wind as an engine.

Crew management is very important in WSIM as you need to not only man the guns, but also have enough seamen ready to change sails.

Another key factor to winning a host of enjoyable, single-action scenarios is having the right ammunition in your cannons, and ensuring they are loaded.

You get more than a red face if you have to reload under the guns of a larger enemy, believe me.

There is a scenario editor to create your own battles, but this only slightly makes up for a poor campaign game where you can only be an American captain trying to break a Royal Navy blockade during the War of 1812.

Nelson watch out!


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