Napoleon Bonaparte's will (6)

3. My two watches, with the chain of the Empress's hair and a chain of my own hair for the other watch: Marchand will get it made at Paris.

4. My two seals (one the seal of France, contained in box No. III.).

5. The small gold clock which is now in my bed-chamber.

6. My wash-hand-stand and its water-jug.

7. My night-tables, those used in France, and my silver-gilt bidet.

8. My two iron bedsteads, my mattresses, and my coverlets, if they can be preserved.

9. My three silver decanters, which held my eau-de-vie., and which my chasseurs carried in the field.

10. My French telescope.

11. My spurs, two pair.

12. Three mahogany boxes, Nos. I. II. III., containing my snuff-boxes and other articles.

13. A silver-gilt perfuming pan. Here follow lists of Body Linen and Clothes, too minute to claim insertion in this place.

List (B).

Inventory of the Effects which I left in the possession of Monsieur the Count de Turenne.

One Sabre of Sobiesky. (It is, by mistake, inserted in List (A.) that being the sabre which the Emperor wore at Aboukir, and which is in the hands of Count Bertrand.)

One Grand Collar of the Legion of Honour. One sword of silver-gilt. One Consular sword. One sword of steel. One velvet belt. One Collar of the Golden Fleece. One small dressing-case of steel. One night-lamp of silver. One handle of an antique sabre. One hat la Henry IV. and a toque. (A velvet hat, with a flat crown, and brims turned up.)

The lace of the Emperor. One small cabinet of medals. Two Turkey carpets. Two mantles of crimson velvet, embroidered, with vests, and small-clothes.

I give to my Son the sabre of Sobiesky. I give to my Son the collar of the Legion of Honour. I give to my Son the sword silver gilt. I give to my Son the Consular Sword. I give to my Son the steel sword. I give to my Son the collar of the Golden Fleece. I give to my Son the hat la Henry IV. and the toque. I give to my Son the golden dressing-case for the teeth, which is in the hands of the dentist.

To the Empress Maria Louisa, my lace.

To Madame, the silver night-lamp.

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