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Acclaimed actor Sean Bean brings Richard Sharpe to life in this action-packed & addictive series of Napoleonic TV-movies set during the Peninsular War. They are available on DVD and video.

Sharpe Rifle's Limited Edition 15-disc Set

Viewing the series in order
Check out the Sharpe Books
Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris

Jason Salkey on Sharpe
Rifleman Harris website

Books not made into movies

Sharpe's Fortress | Sharpe's Trafalgar | Sharpe's Prey | Sharpe's Triumph | Sharpe's Tiger
| Sharpe's Havoc | Sharpe's Escape | Sharpe's Devil | Sharpe's Fury



Sharpe's Rifles

Set during the terrible retreat to Corunna, Sharpe wins promotion and finds himself given an almost impossible mission to complete.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Rifles (book)

Sharpe's Rifles DVD

Sharpe's Sword

Sharpe not only has to hunt out a traitor and French spy, but finds himself battling an enemy who is as ruthless and dangerous as himself.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Sword (book)

Sharpe's Sword DVD

Sharpe's Eagle

Sharpe finds himself at odds with his snobbish new commanding officer and captures a French Eagle at the battle of Talavera.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Eagle (book)

Sharpe's Eagle DVD


Sharpe's Regiment

In a bid to save his beloved regiment from being disbanded, Sharpe returns to England and battles a sinister system of military and political corruption.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Regiment (book)

Sharpe's Regiment DVD

Sharpe's Company

Hakeswill - an old hated foe - returns to try to ruin Sharpe's career just before the British army tries to storm the fortress of Badajoz.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Company (book)

Sharpe's Company DVD


Sharpe's Siege

What seems like a good idea at the time turns into a suicide mission for Sharpe as he finds himself trapped and isolated in enemy home territory.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Siege (book)

Sharpe's Siege DVD

Sharpe's Enemy

Sharpe must not only fight the French, but also take on an army of deserters that includes his detested old enemy Hakeswill.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Enemy (book)

Sharpe's Enemy DVD


Sharpe's Mission

In one of his toughest assignments Sharpe must not only beat the French, but also uncover a traitor who is regarded as a hero.

Movie Review

Sharpe's Mission DVD


Sharpe's Honour

A cunning French plan forces Sharpe to risk all in an attempt to save the British alliance with Spain, his honour and - more importantly - his life.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Honour (book)

Sharpe's Honour DVD

Sharpe's Revenge

Accused of murder, Sharpe must discover who is behind the plot that made off with Imperial treasure and set him up to be executed as a criminal.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Revenge (book)

Sharpe's Revenge DVD


Sharpe's Gold

Sharpe finds himself in trouble right up to his neck with deserters, military provosts and a mysterious Spanish brigand who skins his enemies alive.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Gold (book)

Sharpe's Gold DVD

Sharpe's Justice

After the Peninsular War Sharpe returns to his native Yorkshire only to find that there are still more battles to fight before he finds peace.

Movie Review

Sharpe's Justice DVD


Sharpe's Battle

Sharpe is sent to whip into shape an Irish company in Spanish service and finds himself in extreme peril from both the French - and his new command.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Battle (book)

Sharpe's Battle DVD


Sharpe's Waterloo

Napoleon Bonaparte has returned to power and Sharpe's final battle against the French has him serving on the field of Waterloo - in very different circumstances.

Movie Review
Sharpe's Waterloo (book)

Sharpe's Waterloo DVD


Sharpe's Challenge

Sharpe travels to India to find his old mate Harper who has gone missing amid a rebellion by a maharajah. It proves to be Sharpe's toughest assignment yet.

Sharpe's Challenge DVD




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