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This is by no means a finished list of Napoleonic wargames clubs. It will be added to as we have the opportunity. If your club isn't here then email us and let us know your country, state or province.

Colorado Military Historians
Hattiesburg Kriegspielers
Historical Miniatures Gaming Club of Indiana
Long Island Wargames Association
Metropolitan Wargamers (NYC)
Military History Gaming Society (University of Texas)
The Northern Conspiracy
Northern Virginia Gamers
North-West Historical Miniature Gaming Society
The Rogues (Eastern Pennsylvania)
Southeast Wisconsin Historical War Game Group
West Sound Warriors (Kitsap County, Washington)

Cannister & Grape (NSW)
Group North Historical Wargames Society (SA)
Napoleonic Wargaming Society (WA)
No Fixed Address Wargames Group (NSW)
Northern Sydney Wargaming Association (NSW)
Nunawading Wargames Association (Vic)
Southern Battle Gamers (NSW)
Van Diemen's Wargaming Club (Tasmania)
Western Suburbs Wargames Association (Vic)


Aylesbury Wargames Club
British Historical Games Society
Burnley Wargames Club
Carluke Wargames Club
Colchester Wargames Association
Crawley Wargames Club
Essex Warriors
Falkirk District Wargames Club
Humberside Wargames Society
Kingston Games Group
Liverpool Wargames Association
Macclesfield Wargames Club
Maltby and District Wargames Club
Manchester Area Wargames Society
Mid Somerset Wargames Association
Milton Keynes Wargames Society
Newport Wargames Club
October Wargames Club
Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers
South East Scotland Wargames Club
South London Warlords
Swindon and District Wargamers
Staines Wargamers Website
Tring Wargames Club
Wargames Association of Reading
Wyre Forest Games Club
Wargames Forum
British Wargames


Napoleonic Miniatures Wargame Society of Toronto

New Zealand

Auckland Wargaming Club
Boardgaming in Aotearoa
Christchurch Wargaming Club
Fusiliers Historic Gaming Club
Hawkes Bay Wargames Club
Hutt Miniatures Wargames Club
NZ Miniature Wargaming Federation
North Shore Wargames Club
Otago Wargamers
South Auckland Miniatures Wargames Club
Tauranga Wargaming Club
Waitakere Miniature Wargames Society
Wanganui Irregulars
Wellington Warlords


Portuguese Wargame Association


Figures and accessories
DryDock Models
Website is dedicated to the rebirth of an old hobby - building tall ship models.
Prince August Moulds
Includes 25mm and 54mm Napoleonic Moulds
Toy Soldier Online Gallery
Site includes Napoleonic figures and moulds
William King Miniatures
Limited-edition Napoleonic soldier collectibles
Campaign Game Miniatures
Miniatures, buildings, scene accessories

Helpful Stuff

Wargamer's Opponent Finder

Napoleonic Flags

Alan Pendlebury's excellent NapFlags site

Painting Hints
Miniature Painting Techniques
Suggestions to help improve your painting
Painting Naval Miniatures
How to paint naval vessels of the Napoleonic Wars
Napoleonic Rules
Naval, Revolution and Napoleonic Wars rules, painting guide
Volley and Bayonet Napoleonic Rules

Skirmish, ambush rules for small actions

Principles of War

Principle of War rules site




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