Major Events 1769-1820


20 January: Caroline Bonaparte marries Murat.
28 January: Convention of El Arish.
14 March: Election of Pope Pius VII.
20 March: Battle of Heliopolis.
5 April: Austria attacks Italy.
20 April: Siege of Genoa begins.
3 May: Second battle of Stockach.
15 May: Crossing of the Alps begins by Army of the Reserve.
4 June: Fall of Genoa.
9 June: Battle of Montebello.
14 June: Battle of Marengo, death of General Desaix (Italy).
15 June: Convention of Alessandria.
19 June: Battle of Hochstadt.
5 September: Fall of Malta.
7 October: Louisiana ceded to France by second treaty of Idelfonso.
5 November: Renewed fighting between France and Austria.
3 December: Battle of Hohenlinden.
24 December: Bomb attack on First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte's carriage in Paris.


15 January: Franco-Austrian Armistice of Treviso.
9 February: Peace of Luneville.
22 March: Second battle of Aboukir.
23 March: Assassination of Tsar Paul I, Alexander I crowned.
2 April: The battle of Copenhagen.
6 and 13 July: The battles of Algeciras.
15 July: Concordat signed with Vatican.
14 September: French evacuate Egypt.



25 March: Peace of Amiens.
8-14 May: Vote on life consulship.
19 May: Creation of legion d'honneur.
2 August: France annexes Elba.
2 September: France annexes Piedmont.
15 October: France invades Switzerland.


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