Major Events 1769-1820


5 January: Fall of Tarifa.
8 January: Second siege of Ciudad Rodrigo begins.
10 January: France occupies Swedish Pomerania.
19 January: Fall of Ciudad Rodrigo.
26 February: Alliance between France and Prussia.
10 March: Alliance between France and Austria.
16 March:
Third siege of Badajoz.
24 March: Secret Russo-Swedish agreement.
6 April: Storm of Badajoz.
17-28 May: Conference of Dresden.
28 May: Peace of Bucharest.
18 June: War begins between US and Britain.
20 June: Sixth Coalition against France formed.
24 June: French cross the river Niemen in Poland.
28 June: Battle of Vilna.
22 July: The battle of Salamanca.
23 July: Action at Garcia Hernandez.
28 July: The battle of Vitebsk.
13 August: Duke of Wellington enters Madrid.
17-19 August: Battles of Smolensk, Valutino.
17-18 August: First battle of Polotsk.
24 August: Siege of Cadiz ends.
7 September: Battle of Borodino.
14 September: Napoleon Bonaparte enters Moscow.
15 September: Fires begin in Moscow.
19 September: Siege of Burgos.
13 October: Battle of Queenston.
18 October: Battle of Vinkovo, or Taruntino.
19 October: Start of French withdrawal from Moscow.
22 October: Siege of Burgos ends.
23 October: Conspiracy of General Malet.
24-25 October: Battle of Maloyaroslavets.
2 November: French retake Madrid.
3 November: Battle of Fiodoroivskoy.
14 November: Second battle of Polotsk.
17 November: Battle of Krasnoe.
27-29 November: Battle of the Beresina.
5 December: Bonaparte abandons Grand Armee.
14 December: French rearguard crosses the Niemen.
18 December: Bonaparte reaches Paris.
30 December: Convention of Tauroggen.


25 January: Bonaparte and Pope sign second Concordat.
10 March: Siege of Torgau.
16 March: Prussia declares war on France.
1 May: Death of Bessieres.
2 May: Battle of Lutzen.
11 May: Fall of Torgau.
20-21 May: Battle of Bautzen.
28-29 May: Battle of Sackett's Harbour.
30 May: Siege of Hamburg starts.
2 June: Armistice of Pleischwitz.
12 June: French withdraw from Madrid.
21 June: Battle of Vitoria.
22 June: Siege of Pamplona.
27 June: Siege of San Sebastian.
25 July: Battles of Maya and Roncesvalles.
27-30 July: Battle of Sorauren.
12 August: Austria declares war on France.
23 August: Battle of Gross Beeren.
26-27 August: Battle of Dresden.
30 August: Battle of Kulm.
31 August: Fall of San Sebastian.
1 September: Battle of Vera.
6 September: Battle of Dennewitz.
10 September: Battle of Lake Erie.
12 September: Battle of Ordal.
13 September: Battle of Villafranca.
3 October: Battle of Wartenberg.
4 October: Second siege of Torgau.
7 October: Second battle of Vera.
16 October: Battles of Lindenau, Mockern.
16-19 October: Battle of Leipzig.
18 October: Bavaria, Saxony join war against France.
30 October: Fall of Torgau.
10 November: Battle of the Nivelle.
9-12 November: Battle of the River Nive.
11 December: Treaty of Valencay.
13 December: Battle of St Pierre.


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