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Having worked together as a team for some three years, the Chosen Men of Sharpe were a tight bunch.

So when, after a drunken verbal with the powers-that-be ends with a main character written out, life on the Sharpe set is even more moody than ever.

Well, that's according to our favourite Chosen Man - Rifleman Harris, also known as Jason Salkey.

Now there are two things to say about Salkey's third mini-film in the Videos (DVDS) of Rifleman Harris.

The first is that the imminent death of Rifleman Perkins (Lyndon Davies) casts a pretty massive pall over proceedings - even more than filming in the Crimea.

Secondly Salkey's original camera met with a fatal accident and needed to be replaced - resulting in much, much better imagery and sound.

Oh, and most importantly from this fellow's point of view, Salkey has taken my less-than-humble advice and included a lot more of the leading lady of Sharpe's Battle, Allie Byrne.

If you don't believe me then this is from the previous review ...

"If I have a moan it has to be the fact that the lovely leading lady of Sharpe's Battle, Allie Byrne, is not present at all on this video. Not once. Not even for a second in the background. Shame on you Harris!"


Anyway, there's still not enough of that very fine actress for this high-taste individual and Salkey seems more concerned with filming his mate Davies. He's nowhere near as good looking. Never mind.

So what else can you see in episode three of this must-have for Sharpe fans?

Well there's the death of Perkins, Allie Byrne, an outbreak of cholera in the nearby town, Allie Byrne, a lot of drought-breaking rain, Allie Byrne, loads of flies, Allie Byrne, some excellent behind the scenes shots of Sharpe's Battle, Allie Byrne, Sean Bean gives up smoking, Allie Byrne, Sean Bean takes up smoking again and ... Allie Byrne.

So, as you can see there is a lot to recommend this to fans of the series.

Did we mention Allie Byrne?

NB: There are six episodes of this series now available on DVD for all regions. The films are shot on Hi-8 and digitally transferred to Applemac's Final Cut Pro 6.


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